• The rechargebles testing their merchandise

  • My dad in a Halloween mask that I made

    My dad in a Halloween mask that I made

  • The Return of Pacman

    The Return of Pacman

  • Circle made from triangles

    Circle made from triangles

  • The rechargebles selling to a custermer


  • I made these two straw lightsabers!

    I used two AA batteries, two LEDs, two straws, lots of sellotape and lots of tinfoil. May the force be with you.

  • My dad in a Halloween mask that I made

    Low res cardboard mask

    If you want to make your own mask you can read instructions and download the patterns here.

  • The rechargebles

    For this year’s entry in Mzansi Market Day we entered a team called The Rechargeables.We started trying to make a Powerpack, or a portable emergency USB cellphone charger. It charges any phones with a USB charging connection and is stored in a pocket- or handbag-sized tin. This means that you will never be stuck without […]

  • Make your own miniature tractor (off-road vehicle)

    TRACTOR  OFF ROAD VEHICLE (ORV) Off road vehicle uses stored energy in an elastic band and can be used for races across uneven surfaces. If it gets stuck, give it a little nudge or wind up the elastic some more! Here is a video which shows how the ORV is made.   How to assemble […]


Circle made from triangles