Make your own miniature tractor (off-road vehicle)

The completed off-road vehicle

Off road vehicle uses stored energy in an elastic band and can be used for races across uneven surfaces. If it gets stuck, give it a little nudge or wind up the elastic some more!

Here is a video which shows how the ORV is made.


How to assemble your ORV:
Axle – Plastic straw
Wheels – 4 Cardboard discs (2 per wheel)
Elastic band
Winder – notched cardboard disc and wax washer
Brake – sosatie stick
Hook – bent wire
Tractor tread – corrugated cardboard strip.
What you will need:
A stapler
Adult helper
Two milk bottle lids (Reuse is better than recycle!)
Poke a hole in the centre of the milk bottle lid with a sharp pencil. (Start with a small hole and then wiggle the penci rightl through).
Insert plastic straw (axle) into first cardboard disc, then through the milk bottle lid and then through the second cardboard disc to create the wheel. Staple the inside disc on both sides to attach it to the lid. Glue the tractor tread around the wheel.
Repeat for the second wheel.
Thread the elastic band through the straw using the wire hook. Catch it at the other end with the sosatie stick. On the other end, turn the elastic band around the wheel once and staple it in place on both sides.
Remove the sosatie stick from the other side without losing grip of the elastic Don’t worry if you lose grip, just use the wire hook to bring it back up again. Now use the wire hook to thread the elastic through the wax washer (first) and notched cardboard disc (second).
Insert the sosatie stick through the elastic again. Fasten it with a small knot so that the winder is held snugly against the wheel. Now use the sosatie stick to wind up the elastic.
Your tractor is ready to roll! Happy racing with your ORV

Here is a vidio to help you if you get stuck.

How to make a miniature
you will need cardboard, hair
curlers,candlewax and an

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  1. Albert Combrink July 13, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    What a cool project! I am very proud of how you commit to finishing a project once you have set your mind to it. This will be the first of many skills you have to master in life. Well done!

    • Louise July 13, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

      Cool website Rob. I love the way you’re sharing your ideas with others! Elastic band power rules!


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