I wrote this in Grade 5…

To a pirate like Jack Sparrow, the ocean is treacherous.  It looks calm but then it can turn menacing. Jack was the ingenious but ragged captain of the ship named The Black Pearl.  He was in search of the legendary fountain of youth. On a hazy beautiful evening he sighted the ragged outlaw crew of the haunted ship, The Queen Anne’s Revenge to port. (The second most feared ship that roamed the seven seas after the Flying Dutchmen (google it/watch pirates of the Caribbean 1-4)). To starboard were the red-coated English soldiers on the king’s four-sailed ship.  The English vessel tried to turn around to escape the fearsome pirates but was breached and taken by the crew of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Around the English ship the placid sea suddenly turned tempestuous and the unkempt vessel started pitching and rolling, the sails broke away and an explosion rocked the ship. The hold started billowing smoke. The ship exploded and the crew were thrown into the shiny inky black and treacherous water.  They were in mermaid’s bay! Mermaids closed in and started singing the men were entranced because their singing was so beautiful.  They swam to the mermaids who embraced them and brought all but one man to the ocean’s hazy bottomless depths. His name … captain Jack Sparrow! He escaped by improvising and a bit of quick talking.  He stood alone on his ship and set course according to his compass.  There was a mysterious and gigantic object heading towards the Black Pearl. It turns out it was a small island. Suddenly the water turned aqua marine. Jack had reached his destination…the fountain of youth.

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