The rechargebles

For this year’s entry in Mzansi Market Day we entered a team called The Rechargeables.We started trying to make a Powerpack, or a portable emergency USB cellphone charger.

It charges any phones with a USB charging connection and is stored in a pocket- or handbag-sized tin. This means that you will never be stuck without a working cellphone even when you’re far away from a power point to charge your cell phone if it runs out of battery. The unit runs from a regular 9V rechargeable battery, which can be easily recharged once you get home.

We didn’t quite manage to do that, but we learned how to solder and made some pretty cool rechargeable accessories.

The rechargebles selling to a custermer

The rechargeables' table
The rechargeables’ table

The rechargebles testing their merchandise


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